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Experimenting with voice, form, and genre, Natanya Ann Pulley crafts a chorus of women voices who are in the process of reclaiming and telling their own stories as they slip through the cracks of our spacial and temporal reality. This collection explores how we tell stories, personally and collectively as a society, as we become stories ourselves. Through turns haunting, playful, tragic, and comedic, Pulley crafts a fever-dream surreal collection that will linger with you long after you finish. (New Rivers Press 2019)

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"You're going to find your new favorite story in here. I know I just did."

Stephen Graham Jones


Black Candies:

Gross & Unlikeable 

is about what

happens when

women take over

horror, invert its

tropes, turn them

on their head, and make horror do things

that you didn’t know it could. An

important and razor-sharp anthology that

will leave you breathless and bleeding.”

Brian Evenson

Black Candies: The Gross and Unlikeable Issue
(So Say We All Press, 2016)

Ed. By Natanya Ann Pulley & Julia Dixon Evans

A journal of literary horror fiction and art: 28 stories by all women contributors. Gross and unlikeable is reality. When women tackle the stories that are handed down to them or muck about in the narratives bodies share or live in the liminal as they do in this collection, they aren’t evoking a theme, but destroying the lie of women tamed, of women just so.

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